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Eco Dam, the quick, cost effective water storage solution

The Eco Dam is manufactured from corrugated PVC sheets, making it 100% rust-proof. These PVC sheets are UV treated, offering a high level of toughness.

Because the sheets are lighter than metal, they're easier to transport, easier to work with and easier to relocate.

The liner used inside the Eco Dam is made from 550gsm PVC that easily fits inside the structure, adding to the overall toughness of the dam.

The Eco Dam comes with 6 mm galvanised cables that's tightened around the Eco Dam, ensuring it stays right where you installed it.

The Eco Dam comes with everything you need to have a fully working water storage solution, including outlet / tap, cables and a PVC liner. The installation is a simple affair.


There are numerous beneftis to using Eco Dam for your water storage.

Installation guide

You can easily install the Eco Dam yourself. Just follow the detailed guide.
Installation guide